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 Funded by the United States Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA)

One of the important aspects of the NRTC is the provision of Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) to administrators, service providers, consumers and their families, and the community at large. T&TA outreach activities focus on several different aspects of training:

  1. communicating the basics of visual impairment
  2. principles of effective education and rehabilitation of persons who are visually impaired and blind
  3. providing research to practice activities to help professionals integrate research-based findings into policy making and service provision

Training Formats

Training activities include a graduate academic certificate program, workshops, on-line training, and face-to-face training programs. Staff often present at international, national, and state conferences, and in webinars sponsored by other organizations. We often speak to undergraduate and graduate classes and work closely with a number of TACE Projects for professional development of service providers. Continuing Education credits are provided for a number of professional venues. For the full list of training activities, follow the link in the menu.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is offered to businesses and potential employers, service providers, and persons with vision loss and their families. Much of our TA comes through our website, including the National Technical Assistance Center, and individual assistance offered through email, phone calls, and personal visits.