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Human Resources Guide for Working with Employees Experiencing Vision Loss

Working with an employee who experiences vision loss can initially be challenging for human resources (HR) managers and supervisors unfamiliar with blindness or low vision, especially if unaware of the various accommodations available to assist persons with vision loss in completing job duties. This guide provides useful information and guidance for HR staff who are helping employees who experience vision loss maintain employment.

HR Guide

HR Guide Formatted for Booklet

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Last Updated 09/19/2019

Blind People Can't Perform This Job...Or Can They?

This brief article describes findings from our research on the attitudes of hiring managers towards individuals who are blind or visually impaired (B/VI) and how these attitudes are impacted by knowledge of how B/VI individuals can complete workplace tasks. Written with employers in mind, it provides an overview of the services provided by vocational rehabilitation agencies to employers and makes the case for why hiring an individual with B/VI can be an asset for any organization. It also contains a brief quiz where employers can test their own knowledge of how B/VI individuals complete job tasks.

Blind People Can't Perform This Job

Last Updated 01/02/2018

Resources for Job Seekers

These two resources were created for people who are blind or have low vision who are seeking employment. The resource sheet provides a list of online resources for job seekers and the advice document provides information and recommendations about disclosing vision impairment to employers. 

Resource Sheet for Job Seekers

Advice for Disclosing Your Vision Impairment

Last Updated 06/30/2022

Working with Businesses to Improve Employment Outcomes

A recent five-year research project consisting of four separate studies focused on how VR agencies and their staff interact with businesses and the relationship of these interactions with consumer employment outcomes. This evidence-based practice guide presents key research findings from these studies and recommendations for agencies and counselors about working with businesses based on the findings.

Available in two formats:

Working with Businesses to Improve Employment Outcomes

Working with Businesses to Improve Employment Outcomes

Last Updated 06/10/2022

Employment Mentoring Manual

The Employment Mentoring Manual is a resource for consumers and service providers who are interested in looking for a mentor and/or starting a mentoring program.

Available in two formats:

Employment Mentoring Manual

Employment Mentoring Manual

Last Updated 06/30/2015