Requesting The IAT For Your Research

Thank you for your interest in our IAT-BVI. Before submitting your request, please read the following instructions carefully: 

  1. The NRTC will maintain ownership of the IAT and scoring of all results to ensure the validity of the results; therefore, by requesting the IAT, you understand that we will have to access your data. 
  2. In order for us to score the results of participants in your study, you must create a study code. This code can include numbers or letters but should not exceed 8 characters in length. You will need to share that code with us and your participants. Participants are to enter this code at the beginning of the survey. 
  3. If you intend to match participant responses from the IAT to other data that you have collected, your participants should also receive a participant ID. This should be no more than 3 characters long (numbers or letters). There will be a place to enter the study code and participant ID before beginning the IAT-BVI.
  4. The researcher requesting the IAT is responsible for contacting the NRTC, and providing us with the following information: the code your participants will be using, the dates of your testing, and the date you would like to have the results.
  5. Before receiving the results of the IAT-BVI for your study, you must provide proof of IRB approval. 
  6. Please contact for questions or to gain access to the IAT-BVI for research.