Deafblind Version of the 4to24 App Now Featured on NTAC Website

The 4to24 App: For Parents of Deafblind Youth

The NRTC now has a new addition to the NTAC-BLV website – a dedicated page for the deafblind version of the 4to24 app. Designed for youth with deafblindness or combined hearing and vision loss and additional disabilities, this mobile application is an innovative resource for parents and caregivers.

4to24 logo.

The app serves as a free, comprehensive resource for parents of children ages 4 to 24. From preschool to young adulthood, it guides them in preparing their child for independence, community engagement, and employment. The app emphasizes reaching a child’s fullest potential and supports families navigating the challenges of deafblindness and additional disabilities.

There are two distinct versions of the app. The one mentioned above is tailored for deafblind children and youth with additional disabilities, and the second caters to youth who are blind or have low vision (B/LV). An overview of the app can be found on our 4to24 page where users can find resources to assist them with questions and app navigation.

Features of the Deafblind Version

The deafblind version offers informational modules, activities, and resource links designed to educate parents on essential skills and experiences beneficial for their child’s growth. Special attention is given to developing a communication system, planning for the future, and creating a detailed profile of the youth's abilities and preferences to be shared with their support network. The app also suggests a variety of activities adaptable to different ability levels.

Modules are delivered monthly and are self-paced, ensuring parents and youth can engage with the content at their convenience. To access the app, download it through the iOS App Store or Google Play, create an account, and provide some basic information about the child’s age and grade level.

For more details, contact Karla Antonelli at or call 662-325-2001.

The NRTC focuses on employment outcomes of people with blindness or low vision (B/LV), providing training, technical assistance, and resources for professionals and people with B/LV interested in employment through funding from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research grant #90RTEM0007. To learn more, visit our About page and the NTAC-BLV website.