OIB-TAC Attends VisionServe Alliance’s 2022 Executive Leadership Conference

Kendra Farrow and Polly Abbott with the Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center (OIB-TAC) represented the NRTC and OIB-TAC at the VisionServe Alliance Executive Leadership Conference on April 3-6 in Tampa, Florida. The conference allowed participants to meet with industry professionals and leaders involved in service to individuals who are blind or have low vision (B/LV).  

Kendra Farrow and Polly Abbott smiling at the camera

The conference included interactive presentations, exhibits, and networking opportunities. Through attending conferences like VisionServe Alliance, Farrow and Abbott are able to share information about OIB-TAC and meet with many professionals in the field to increase the visibility of its resources.  

Farrow, OIB-TAC Project Director, appreciated the opportunity to engage in discussions about the quality of services to older adults who are blind and represent the work done through the OIB-TAC. This conference was a great networking opportunity to share information about the OIB-TAC's training and technical assistance activities, support for services, and continuing education.  

Abbott, OIB-TAC Program Manager, attended the Big Data Project session. This session showcased the analysis of national data on people who are 65+ and are living with a vision impairment. The reports provide information for strategic planning for service providers and a look into access to services. Abbott enjoyed learning more about direct services on a national level and is excited to “find comprehensive ways to bring these strategies to our work here at OIB-TAC.”