Career Advantage for V.I.P.s Available for Free

We have updated our free Career Advantage for Visually Impaired Persons (V.I.P.s) curriculum. This program was created for youth and adults with blindness or low vision and provides participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct an independent and effective job search.

cartoon woman at laptop with message, phone, and clock emojis surrounding her; text "Career Advantage for V.I.P.s"

This self-guided online employment preparation program is hosted on our Learning Management System, Canvas. It is composed of eight sections:

  1. Self-Assessment – take inventory of your interests, personality, values, and skills to prepare for your job search
  2. Career Exploration – identify potential careers based on your self-assessment, career statistics, and career projections
  3. Job Search Techniques – discover tips for networking and contacting employers
  4. Resume Development – develop a resume that communicates your skills to potential employers
  5. Accommodations on the Job – review possible job accommodations, including assistive technology options
  6. Talking to Employers about Vision Loss – consider when and how to tell employers about your vision loss
  7. Interviewing – learn how to make a good impression before, during, and after an interview
  8. The Next Steps- create a career portfolio

Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills, identify resources, and complete activities related to each section.

Cantrice Moffitt, NRTC Rehabilitation Training & Outreach Specialist, believes that this curriculum will “provide tools to increase knowledge and build the confidence needed to job search effectively.” She stated that service providers may also benefit by registering and reviewing the materials to allow them to work with their consumers who are completing the program.

For more information about these materials, please email