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 Funded by the United States Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).
State of the Science Conference on Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals who are Blind or VIsually Impaired. April 9th through 10th, 2014.

John W. Lui

John W. Lui, Ph.D., MBA, CRC, PVE is the Executive Director of University of Wisconsin – Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute. Its Centers provide research, training, rehabilitation technology and various rehabilitation and employment services. He is currently the Co-PI of the RRTC-Evidence-based Practice in Vocational Rehabilitation Service Delivery. He is also an adjunct faculty member with UW-Stout Dept. of Rehabilitation and Counseling and was an adjunct professor of Assumption College's Master Degree Program in Rehabilitation Counseling. He has presented nationally and internationally, and published extensively in the areas of Benefits Counseling, Managed Care, Case Management, Ethics, Disability Management, Absence Management, Health and Productivity Management, Aging and Work-Life Planning. He was also a member of the Advisory Panel on Outreach and Education (APOE) with Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services. He has had many leadership roles with the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) and its Professional Divisions; the Foundation of Rehabilitation Education and Research (FRER), and the Certified Disability Management Specialist Commission (CDMSC).