Transportation Briefs

Navigating Your Neighborhood Brief

Effective transportation begins in your neighborhood! Determine whether where you live is impacting your ability to travel and/or use public transportation.

Available in two formats:

Orientation and Mobility Brief

The first step in developing your plan to get to and from work is to have good orientation and mobility (O&M) skills. If you've never received O&M training, take a look at this brief for an overview of the skills you can learn.

Available in two formats:

Public Transportation Brief

When available, public transportation is typically the most cost effective method to get to and from work. If you're thinking about using public transportation, check out this brief for some helpful tips and questions to ask your local public transit providers.

Available in two formats:

White Cane Brief

Countless individuals with blindness or low vision use a white cane to help them navigate their environment with greater independence and confidence. Check out this brief to help you determine whether a white cane might be for you.

Available in two formats:

Last Updated 03/20/2015