The NRTC has developed many products as a result of the research conducted with funding from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research. These products range from one-page handouts for consumers to extensive resource guides for service providers and administrators. The following is a list of products available through this site:

  • Transportation Resources include a Customized Transportation Plan, the Transportation Guide, and four Transportation Briefs. These resources assist persons who are blind or visually impaired, and/or rehabilitation counselors, address transportation issues associated with employment.
  • Business Enterprise Program Resources include a BEP brochure and video, list of entrepreneur qualifications, a resource guide on recruiting transition-aged youth into the program, and a guide to working with blind entrepreneurs who have hearing loss. Together, these provide a comprehensive look at the Randolph-Sheppard Business Enterprise Program.
  • All peer-reviewed publications are listed, with most available for download. Publications that have been produced internally (referred to as monographs) have historically been available for purchase. We have converted many of these files to an electronic format to make them freely available to interested parties on our website.
  • One of the NRTC's most popular products, the Transition Calendar, was published in 1996 and has been available for purchase since that time. This is a widely used product, for which we have continued to receive requests. As a result of our recent Transition Project, the Transition Activity Calendar was updated and made available through our website.
  • Other products made available to interested users are an online employment preparation program, Career Advantage for V.I.P.s, an Employment Mentoring Manual, a Job Seeker’s Resource Sheet, and the Final Report of the NRTC 2014 State of the Science Conference.
  • Accessibility Resources include documents and link to resources and information for making your documents, presentations, and designs more accessible.