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MSU-RTC Researcher at 2011 Randolph-Sheppard Sagebrush Conference

William Sansing, Research Associate at MSU-RTC, attended the 2011 Randolph-Sheppard (R-S) Vendors of America Sagebrush Annual National Training Conference February 7-11. "Change Surrounds Us: Maximizing Your Potential" was the conference theme, and the over-riding message of the conference was encouraged state licensing agencies and facility managers to consider how their agencies or enterprises have changed over the past five and how they must change over the next five. Lynnae Ruttledge, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Commissioner, encouraged attendees to reflect on the many things everyone involved in the R-S Business Enterprise Program has had to learn, relearn, and unlearn in the past 10 years, especially in light of changes to management policies for federal properties since 9-11-2001.