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MSU Adaptive P.E. Students Under Blindfold

Two students practicing mobility - one blindfolded with white cane, one giving a thumbs up to camera

On March 3rd, RTC Training Coordinator B. J. LeJeune put Leslie Watts's Adaptive P.E. class under blindfold to try out some sports activities which are popular with individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The class of 33 students enthusiastically tried traveling with a white cane and played goal ball and beep baseball, which required running and fielding balls. The purpose for the students was to learn to integrate students with visual impairments into regular P.E. classes. LeJeune was also interested in presenting blindness-related career options as there is a need for more teachers of the visually impaired, especially focusing on orientation and mobility (O&M), in Mississippi. O&M Specialists are often recruited from PE majors.