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Utilization Award Winner Announced!

Donna Criswell

The recipient of this year’s NRTC Research and Training Utilization Award is Donna Criswell! Ms. Criswell is currently a transition counselor with the Mississippi Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (MDRS), serving the northern half of the state. She is a 2009 graduate of the NRTC’s Vision Specialist program and has since served as a supervisor of practicum students in the Vision Specialist program. In her role as a transition counselor, Ms. Criswell has utilized the NRTC’s Transition Calendar, a calendar that outlines a step-by-step process for preparing students who are blind or visually impaired for the transition from high school to college. While working with her consumers, their parents, and their teachers on this transition, Ms. Criswell has found the calendar to be instrumental in helping her guide them through this process. She believes that utilizing the transition calendar will continue to impact her consumers in preparing for college. She is especially optimistic about using the calendar with her younger consumers who will be able to utilize its information for years to come. Thanks to Ms. Criswell for sharing information about her use of one of the NRTC’s products, and congratulations on her receipt of the $500 award!

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