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Eady Pursues Master's in Visual Disabilities

Chris Eady, standing outside of the Industrial Education Building where the NRTC is located.

Chris Eady, a student worker at the NRTC since 2011, was recently accepted into the Master’s program in Visual Disabilities at Florida State University. After graduating later this month with a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Psychology, Chris plans to pursue a dual certification as both an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist and a Teacher of Children who are Visually Impaired (TCVI). Following graduate school, Chris hopes to work primarily as a TCVI either with a school district or a contractor company. Since beginning work at the NRTC, Chris has been an invaluable asset to the Center and has assisted with various research projects and training activities. We are proud of Chris’s accomplishments, grateful for his contributions to our Center, and we wish him well as he pursues a fulfilling career in the field of blindness and low vision!