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LeJeune and Bybee attend MS BEP Meeting

B.J. LeJeune, Eddie Turner, and Jacqui Bybee standing in a hall together.

B.J. LeJeune and Jacqui Bybee recently attended the 43rd Annual Meeting of Mississippi Blind Vendors in Jackson, MS. The meeting is a chance for all the blind vendors across the state participating in the Randolph-Sheppard Business Enterprise Program to get together and learn about technological advances in the food service and vending industries as well as advances in the assistive technology arena, among other topics. B.J. LeJeune and Jacqui Bybee spoke about the progress of the NRTC’s NIDRR-funded “Best Practices in the Randolph-Sheppard Program” project during the meeting. It was a valuable opportunity to get feedback on the project directly from vendors in the Program. Also while attending, B.J. LeJeune and Jacqui Bybee were able to visit with Eddie Turner (pictured above), the outgoing Chairman of Mississippi’s Blind Vendors’ Committee.