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Crudden Attends Library Services Meeting

Cindy Nugent, Shellie Zeigler, Gina Dyess, and Adele Crudden standing together outside of meeting.

Dr. Adele Crudden, NRTC research professor, serves as the NRTC representative to the Advisory Committee for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Library Services (BPHLS). The Mississippi Library Commission recently held its biennial Advisory Committee meeting for the BPHLS in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Crudden and other committee members met to provide their expertise and discuss ways to improve library services for blind consumers with special emphasis on increasing awareness of available services for consumers and highlighting potential areas where services can be expanded. To find out more about the BPHLS, visit

Pictured are:
Cindy Nugent, Outreach Coordinator; Shellie Zeigler, Director; Gina Dyess, Readers Advisor; and NRTC representative to the Committee, Adele Crudden.