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LeJeune Speaks in Montréal

BJ LeJeune speaks from podium at University of Montréal

RRTC Training Coordinator, BJ LeJeune, recently spoke as one of two featured speakers at the University of Montréal at the 14th Annual Scientific Symposium on Visual Disability and Rehabilitation. This year the topic was Measures and Interventions for Persons with Multiple Disabilities. The symposium was primarily in French, and BJ presented on persons aging with dual sensory loss. She also met with staff from the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre (MMRC) to discuss issues related to persons who are deaf-blind, where she presented the same presentation to a primarily English- speaking group. Other topics discussed at the symposium included: Assessment and visual functioning of disabled infants and children, guide dogs for persons with dual sensory loss, and the use of geo-caching as a method to teach orientation and spatial concepts to teenagers with multiple disabilities.