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 Funded by the United States Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).
A portrait of Doug Bedsaul

Douglas Bedsaul Research and Training Coordinator

Jennifer Cmar Assistant Research Professor

A portrait of Adele Crudden

Adele Crudden Ph.D., Professor

A portrait of Kendra Farrow

Kendra Farrow Research and Training Associate

A portrait of Marty Giesen

Marty Giesen Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist

Portrait of Sophie Kershaw

Sophie Kershaw Communications Specialist

A portrait of B.J. LeJeune

B.J. LeJeune M.Ed., Training Supervisor

A portrait of Michele Capella McDonnall

Michele Capella McDonnall Ph.D., Research Professor and Director

A portrait of Angela Shelton

Angela Shelton Coordinator of Instructional Materials

A portrait of Anne Steverson

Anne Steverson Research and Training Coordinator